Screen Roller blinds (Sheerweave , Premierweave)

Introducing our Screen Roller Blinds, available in Sheerweave and Premierweave variants, designed to revolutionize your space with unparalleled functionality and style.

Experience ultimate comfort with heat and glare control, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere while preserving your view. Choose from different openness percentages – 3% or 5% – tailored to your preferences for light filtration and privacy.

Protect your furniture with confidence, as our blinds offer 95% UV protection, safeguarding against sun damage and fading. Crafted with sustainability in mind, our blinds are PVC-free, low in chemical emissions, and lead-free, prioritizing both your health and the environment.

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Enjoy energy savings with our innovative design, while the waterproof feature ensures durability and longevity, even in outdoor settings. Cleaning is effortless, thanks to the easy-to-clean materials, allowing you to maintain a pristine appearance effortlessly.

Our Screen Roller Blinds offer a unique feature – see out during the day while reversing at night for enhanced privacy. Say goodbye to outdated lace curtains and embrace the modern elegance of our blinds, perfect for braai areas, patios, and any space where you want to maximize your view.

Experience convenience with our motorized option, effortlessly controlled with a battery-operated system. Add a touch of sophistication with optional valances, while color-coded bracket colors ensure seamless integration with your decor.

For outdoor blinds, our crankshaft option provides ease of operation and durability, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living spaces. With a variety of variations available, our Screen Roller Blinds offer versatility to suit your unique needs and preferences.


  • Heat and glare control
  • Different percentages – 3% & 5 % openness
  • 95% UV protection for furniture
  • PVC free
  • Energy saving
  • Low chemical emissions
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Lead free
  • 27% Polyester 73% Vinyl
  • See out during day , reverses at night
  • Enjoy your view – Replace lace curtains
  • Excellent in braai areas and patios
  • Easily motorised (battery operated)
  • Valances (optional, extra)
  • Colour coded bracket colours
  • Operating chain – colour coded or steel chain
  • Crank shaft for outdoor blinds
  • Variation available


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